VG 'Coat of Arms'
VG 'Coat of Arms'
VG 'Coat of Arms'

VG 'Coat of Arms'

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Our shirt designs have a story and the NEW Coat of Arms is no different.

Back of Shirt: 

3 Masks: Central mask represents today's goalie. It is flanked and supported by two vintage masks which represents the evolution of the goalie mask.

Eagles wings: Represents goalie's courage and resilience.

Shield: Signifies a goalie's armour and being the last line of defence. The VG Flying Mask is in the centre - the heart of Vintage Goalie. The stitch line around the perimeter of the Shield symbolizes VG's craftsmanship and 'hands on' attention to every product that leaves our shop.

Goalie sticks: The Supporters - represents the 'Regular' and 'Full Right' goalie.

Maple Leaves: VGB was founded in Ontario, Canada.

Est. MMXIV: VGB began in 2014.

Number '1': Represents the early days of goaltending when all goalies wore number '1'.

Printed on a light weight, Soft 7oz T-shirt. 100 % Cotton.

*Screen Printed in Canada.*