My Story: Behind the Brand

"I consider it a true honour to be part of the goalie community, or what I prefer to call...“The Goalie Union.”
It was around Christmas time, December 2014. I was sitting at the island in my kitchen, with my sketch pad and pencil.
As a freelance designer, I create logos for companies, it's something I enjoy very much.
But on this day, I wanted to create my own logo, something that represented my passion for vintage goaltending...and that’s when the 'Flying Mask' logo was born!
Where did my passion for goaltending start? Lets take you back a little further...
As a young boy growing up in southern Ontario, I loved junkyards! In fact my parents often remind me that it was my 'dream' to own my own, with a Basset hound by my side.
Anything that was unique in design and had patina (rust!), was special to me. 
Old padlocks, vintage keys, bottle caps, car badges, hood ornaments, and the list goes on!!
So where does my love for goaltending come from? I think it traces back to the 'Mountain Arena' in Hamilton, Ontario. No one in my family played or watched hockey, but my childhood friend Ben, played competitive hockey at the Mountain Arena and I was often invited to watch him play. I loved watching him play and couldn't wait to be invited to his games. Now Ben's dad was a big Gretzky fan and he recorded every Oilers game (and Kings when Wayne got traded). So after school (and Saturdays), I would bike to his house and watch the games in their basement. 
So which goalies stood out for me? To name a 'few': Grant Fuhr, Andy Moog, Bill Ranford, Freddy Brathwaite, Kelly Hrudey, Curtis Joseph, Bob Essensa, Kirk McLean, Jon Casey, Eddie Belfour, Ron Tugnutt, Tim Cheveldae, Mike Vernon and the list goes on and on and on...
All of this created a desire to preserve the roots of goaltending...and to go even deeper, to our origins! 
Goaltending history is so rich and I believe there is great value keeping it on the surface, shared in social media, not buried away books.
I might come across as a collector of old gear, however I like to think of myself as a'preserver'.
I love reliving our past, one photo at a time.
- Matt. Owner of Vintage Goalie Brand.